Santa Claus Decorative Inlay Kit

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Santa Claus Templates
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5-1/2" Tall, 5-1/2" Wide
Santa Claus Templates
What's Included in the Kit
  For $75 you'll receive a decorative inlay kit containing 7 templates. The first six templates builds each layer of Santa Claus. The seventh template allows you to cut out the design as a Christmas Ornament.

  Best of all you don't need to be a master crafts-person, much less a woodworker, to build this ornament. All you need is a few basic tools that are inexpensive as well as safe and easy to use. Click here review the Router Based Inlay Tool List.

  Never built an inlay before? Click here to Learn How To Build Any Wood Inlay.

How to Build the Santa Claus Decorative Inlay Christmas Ornament

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