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Coaster Dimensions: 4-1/4" diameter
Cards Templates
What's Included in the Kit
  For $20 you'll receive the Deck of Cards inlay template that can be used to add a the four shapes to your project or be placed in the center of a coaster. When building a coaster the Cards template is used in conjunction with the Crafters kit.

How to Build the Cards Decorative Inlay

Select the Inlay Materials

Four coasters made with Cards Inlays

  Selecting materials for the Deck of Cards Coasters is pretty easy. All you really need to do is ensure there is good contrast between the inlay material and the coaster itself. For this build we chose Brazalion Cherry for the coaster and Yellow Heart for the inlay material.

  You want the base material, the wood the coaster is cut from, to be at least 1/4" thick but not more than 3/8". Much thicker than that and it will be difficult to cut out using the plunge router. Make sure the wood you're using is flat or else your coaster will rock a little when set on a counter!

  Prepare the inlay materials by using double sided tape and affixing them to a backing material. Refer to the Prepare Inlay Materials tutorial if needed.

The following materials were used to build the Deck of Cards Coasters

    * Brazalion Cherry 5" x 20" x 3/8" - Coaster base material
    * Yellow Heart 4" x 12" x 1/8" - Inlay material

Create the Alignment Marks & Trace Out the Shapes

Inlays Traced Out

Four coasters made with Cards Inlays

Coasters Traced Out

Four coasters made with Cards Inlays

  After selecting the inlay materials trace the outline for each shape on the inlay material. Make sure you use the same grain direction for all of the inlays. Your coasters will not look like a set if the inlay grain pattern is verticle in one coaster and horizontal in 3 of them. All of them need to follow the same grain patter for continuity sake. Because we're dealing with the inlay here you don't need to worry about creating alignment marks.

  To trace out the shapes all you need to do is position the CardEZ template on the inlay material where you want to cut the shape from. Then trace out the pattern. You can but the shapes up pretty close together if you have limited material.

  To create the alignment for the coaster place the Coaster cutout, from either the Crafters template or the Coasters template, on the base material. Draw out the circle where the coaster will be cut from and draw notches where the alignment marks will go. Then use the edge of the template to extend the alignment marks.

  When finished tracing you should have a big circle with two intersecting lines going through the center of it. You will use these marks to position the CardEZ template when cutting voids into the base material.

Cut Out the Voids in the Base Material

Inlays Traced Out
Four coasters made with Cards Inlays

  In this step you'll cut out all of the voids for the Deck of Cards inlays using the Cardez inlay template.

  Align the L1 shape on the inlay material. Use double sided tape to affix the template to the inlay material. Clamp the entire assembly to the workbench. Prepare the router to cut an inlay by putting the BUSHING ON and setting the depth of plunge to cut a void into the base material. Cut the void using the Cutting Voids procedure.

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