Add a decorative inlay to your woodworking project!!!


Support The Phoenix Project

      The Phoenix Project is a Kickstarter campaign designed to convert a rare piece of old growth redwood into as many heirloom objects as possible.  

Make Your Next Project an Heirloom Object

   If you love woodworking as much as we do you don’t build stuff just to get it done, you build stuff to last and be remembered.  A decorative inlay is one way to add that special touch to your heirloom project, whether it’s a knick knack shelf, jewelry box, or a high chair.  We have templates for all skill levels, from the rookie to the experienced woodworker. 

The EZInlays kit

   An EZInlays kit is a series of templates, made from a durable PVC material, that guides your router while you cut out inlay pieces and create voids.  Glue the inlays into the voids to complete the layer.  Repeat the same sequence of events to build each layer.  You will be amazed as your inlay comes to life!

Proven Results

   An EZInlays kit allows you to add decorative inlays to your woodworking projects... with

reliable, repeatable, and quality results!  The only power tool required is a plunge router.  A

good RO sander is nice to have too.

Simple and EZ to Use

   Our documentation thoroughly explains what you are doing, why you are doing it, and how to do it for each step.  Follow the steps, you won’t go wrong...  it’s EZ!!!    You got this. Like us on Facebook
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